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Asset Management

Asset Management

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Our goal is to achieve the highest ROI possible for your assets, ultimately outperforming your company's bottom line.

The obstacle is failing to properly maintain assets throughout their entire lifecycle, resulting in unnecessary risk and cost.

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APM Solutions to Support Lifecycle from CAPEX to OPEX

At Vlog Group, we support your asset lifecycle journey by identifying and transforming your organizational objectives into Asset Performance Management (APM) objectives. To do this, we consider the key circumstances that affect your organization, including environmental, social and cultural factors, to develop policies, risk identification and programs that will ultimately create a systematic approach your organization can lean on for success.

This systematic asset management process considers the perspective of internal and external stakeholders, as well as the regulatory compliance necessary to manage performance in an effective and efficient manner.

Supporting the Lifecycle Journey from CAPEX to OPEX

Update Your Asset Management Risk Perspective

When it comes to asset performance management, one size hardly fits all. Some organizations have well-developed programs and workflows and are in the process of moving up to another level of performance, while others are still in the process of establishing a performance asset management program that can streamline operations without breaking the bank.

We understand that not everyone is in the same place on their asset performance management journey or even has the same priorities. Regardless of where your organization stands, we can meet you where you're at.

Catastrophic Risk vs. Operational Risk

We can help you address both catastrophic and operational risks across your asset lifecycle. While operational risks often have lower consequences (i.e., a loose valve), they do occur more frequently resulting in avoidable disruptions. Catastrophic risks, although occurring at a lower frequency, are not to be ignored as the consequences can be astronomical.

Our industry experts understand that shareholder values consider both catastrophic and operational risk into consideration. By addressing: (1) Regulatory Compliance, (2) Operational Efficiency and (3) Safety, we operate in a framework that naturally allows your organization to embrace the big picture of Reliability and Integrity.


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Asset Integrity Management

Asset Integrity Management

Our integrated solution for operators can help mitigate risk, decrease costs and improve operational performance. Our AIM methodology puts your return-on-investment front and center to help you achieve structural, mechanical and control system integrity.

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Asset Performance Management Solutions

Our Asset Performance Management (APM) software and services provide unique value to critical infrastructure and help optimize performance across the asset lifecycle. Vlog Group and our strategic partners offer a range of solutions that enable continuous improvement through software implementation.

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Asset Reliability Solutions

We engineer asset reliability programs that maximize equipment life and minimize scheduled and unscheduled downtime. Explore our approach for optimizing asset performance using advanced technologies to build and maintain best-in-class Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems.

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Structural Integrity Management

Supporting and optimizing the lifecycle of an asset is at the core of what we do. An effective SIM program is critical to confirm the integrity of an asset during design and construction and then maintaining that asset throughout its useful life.

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Our Ecosystem of Partners

Our partners make the difference. With customers industry-wide, we understand there are niche asset management needs and challenges that must be addressed. Our agnostic approach and dedicated partners allow us to integrate products and services into comprehensive solutions that allow our clients to achieve the highest ROI possible for their assets.

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Asset Performance Management Case Studies


AIM Strategy Reduces FPSO Maintenance Backlog 40%

Learn how an optimized integrity management plan improved critical maintenance activities for an offshore operating company.
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Optimizing Asset Reliability for Global Agribusiness Network

Read how our asset reliability solution helped a global manufacturer of agricultural products achieve a 22% reduction in total annual maintenance spend. Read More

Utility Company Gains Enterprise Efficiency with EAM Solution

See how we implemented a significant enterprise asset management upgrade and consolidated software systems across divisions. Read More
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