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Asset Reliability Solutions

Asset Reliability Solutions


  • Lower maintenance costs and minimize downtime
  • Reliability Based Maintenance (RBM) for effective Asset Management
  • Award-winning Asset Criticality Tool

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Control Your Assets with Our Asset Reliability Services

Our asset reliability management services are focused on two drivers at the forefront of every industry and client we serve: higher reliability and lower maintenance costs for all key assets. We understand the force behind these drivers is your people; from operations and maintenance to quality and finance, Vlog Group will work alongside your organization to craft critical processes, fostering a culture of collaboration to facilitate reliability improvement.

When addressing reliability, one size hardly fits all. Some organizations have well-developed programs and workflows and are well on their way to a higher level of performance, while others are still in the process of establishing a reliability program that can streamline operations without breaking the bank.

Our asset reliability professionals will work carefully with you to understand your unique needs and develop plans with clear tasks, milestones and deliverables.

Reliability Based Maintenance Methodology

Asset Reliability Management Services

Our reliability services have been deployed around the globe across a variety of industries. When fully implemented, the following elements constitute a best-practice program: Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Utilization, Inventory Management, Organizational Readiness, Performance Optimization, Reliability Strategy and Work Management. To help our customers improve asset performance and reliability, we provide a full suite of services:

Asset Criticality Ranking

Our service model is built on a risk-based approach to optimizing asset performance management strategies. To quantify the risk profile across a broad range of assets and facilities, we have developed a robust Asset Criticality Ranking (ACR) tool which was awarded the 2015 Solution Award for Reliability Engineering. Our ACR tool is used to rank assets based on their criticality to the business or operation. Product deliverables include:

  • Evaluation of how asset failures impact organizational performance
  • Provision of detailed profiles of characteristics that make each asset critical
  • Allowance for systematic ranking of assets for prioritization efforts

EAM Master Planning

Our comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Master Planning process involves applying a DMAIC approach (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control), which is a Six Sigma quality management tool. We can assist your maintenance organization with EAM master planning using our continuum chart showing progression through the following operating states toward a state of continuous improvement: Reactive (repair after failure), Planned (repair before failure), Predictive (measure and repair), Reliability (not only repair, but improve) and Enterprise (improve and sustain).

Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)

The purpose of FMEA is to provide a structured, rigorous method to identify asset functions, asset functional failures, failure modes that cause functional failure, failure effects, and the proper course of action to avoid or reduce failure effects. GenesisSolutions incorporates FMEA as a tool within the Reliability Based Maintenance (RBM) process, using RCM processes compliant with SAE JA1011/12. By linking use of FMEA to asset criticality, RBM is proven to save time and money during asset care strategy development, while providing exceptional risk mitigation. Use of FMEA within the RBM process ensures maintenance strategies are always linked to plausible failure modes, resulting in a lean, focused, yet comprehensive, asset care program that serves effectively to mitigate or avoid the effects of failure.

Master Asset List (MAL)

Asset-intensive businesses must know which work orders to address first at any given time. Reliability-based maintenance (RBM) can only perform at its peak when the reason for a specific repair is clearly outlined and properly ranked along a work order continuum. This ensures uptime remains the utmost priority throughout all RBM activity. As a first step, we can help you develop a Master Asset List (MAL), our comprehensive catalog of every asset within your organization that is critical to operations. These accounts can help everyone from operators to executives better comprehend the full magnitude of how their high-performing assets function. Next, we can assist with Asset Criticality Rankings, an underlying value metric within an asset hierarchy. Learn more about our ACR services listed above.

MRO Supply Chain Optimization

The maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) supply chain is a complex web of interconnected companies, business processes and physical storerooms–all designed to supply the right spare parts at the right time in the right place. The supply chain offers many opportunities for performance and cost improvement. We can help identify opportunities to lower the total cost of ownership for MRO items. Our reliability team can help in the following areas: strategic sourcing and supplier rationalization, business process re-design, supply network analysis and re-design, store inventory optimization, MRO data normalization, supplier performance management and MRO inventory management.

Cost reduction opportunities in the MRO supply chain can be significant. We typically see a 20% cost reduction opportunity between leading-edge practices and unoptimized conditions.

Planning and Scheduling

We have decades of experience building, operating and improving planning and scheduling processes and the elements that support it. Our asset reliability consultants bring cross-industry best practices and a methodology to educate, train and implement operations and maintenance to achieve maximum gains. Our services include backlog management, work prioritization, outage planning, post-outage reviews and developing systems usage guides for improved asset maintenance and management.

Preventive Maintenance Optimization

Our reliability professionals bring cross-industry expertise to preventive maintenance (PM) optimization. Our approach is to work closely with our customers' teams to evaluate all inputs to an effective PM program, including OEM recommendations, failure history, operator logs and interviews, maintenance logs and interviews, spare parts usage, OEM parts usage, etc. We then enhance, modify and refine PM tasks and incorporate predictive technologies to substitute for PM tasks whenever applicable and cost-effective.

Predictive Maintenance Program

One of the most effective ways to improve critical asset reliability (uptime) and reduce maintenance costs is to change from fixed-time maintenance to condition-based maintenance. We have partnerships with leading organizations to provide a full-service predictive maintenance program, including technologies and proprietary reliability software to track predictive maintenance performance, conduct problem analysis for critical equipment and perform real-time ROI analysis on solution alternatives. We can also provide certified field technicians to collect condition monitoring data and load this data into our software for analysis and reporting.

A predictive maintenance program can improve equipment availability, uptime, productivity and product quality, and reduce costs, all at the same time. The reliability and cost savings are substantial (15-20% or more) compared to fixed-time maintenance.

Reliability Based Maintenance (RBM)

Our reliability engineers are experts in applying a Reliability Based Maintenance approach using the following six steps: identifying and prioritizing critical assets, optimizing the PM program, analyzing spare parts, monitoring reliability analytics and performing a root cause analysis. Through RBM, we can help you determine the predictive approach that will deliver the most reliability for the least cost and evaluate existing maintenance programs to identify and eliminate non-value-added and intrusive tasks that contribute to downtime.

Featured Solution

IBM Maximo Accelerator 

Improve visibility into asset performance. Our RBM Accelerator integrates seamlessly with the Maximo enterprise asset management system, allowing you to capitalize on data for enhanced reliability. GenesisSolutions is an IBM Gold Business Partner offering a budget friendly implementation with immediate return on investment.

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Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Through our parent company, Vlog Group, we can provide a complete training solution for your organization's investigation and root cause analysis (RCA) needs. Vlog Group offers training for root cause analysts, front-line supervisors supporting investigations and managers performing reviews. The Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis team has provided investigation and RCA training to more than 10,000 individuals through worldwide, multi-language public and onsite training courses and webinars. Vlog Group also provides ongoing support through online resources, Root Cause Analysis Handbook and program support services.

Safeguard Robustness for Operational Excellence

Our Critical Asset Safeguard Evaluation (CASE) tool helps customers determine if their most critical assets are being managed to an acceptable level of residual risk. This applies to assets that have been newly installed and commissioned or legacy assets that have been in operation for extended periods. All assets have an inherent risk profile and our goal as reliability professionals is to determine if our existing safeguards adequately address the potential impact of those risks to health, safety and the environment, regulatory compliance, as well as specified business objectives.

Spare Parts Analysis

One of the cornerstones of a leading-edge reliability program is a fully developed and streamlined spare parts program. We can help your team manage and optimize spare parts stocking and realign your parts usage and cost in these areas: bill of materials, surplus inventories, purchase costs, spot buys, obsolete inventory and storeroom operations.

Workflow Optimization

We take into consideration the requirements of our customers' CMMS and integrate the appropriate data entry, review and measurements necessary to achieve the expected maintenance goals for workflow optimization.

Work Management Processes

The full benefit of EAM can only be realized if maintenance is effectively identified, planned, scheduled, executed and evaluated. We understand that all elements of work management must be functional for any to be sustainable. Our work management improvement process begins with assessing current practices, which are captured in process maps that illustrate specific opportunities relative to best practices. We then examine existing documentation, interview stakeholders, shadow personnel throughout the maintenance workflow and develop a master improvement plan based on proven best-in-class work management practices. This plan is tailored to our customer's specific business needs.

We will work closely with your staff by providing a customized, lean, exacting approach toward realizing full organizational potential until a sustainable model is developed and implemented.

Following master plan development, we are prepared to provide a full array of work management implementation support services, from remote consultation to fully embedding with your organization in a staff augmentation role, until your organization's workflows are optimized for maximum efficiency and profitability.

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