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Structural Integrity Management

Maximize the Value of Your Operating Assets

Supporting and optimizing the lifecycle of an asset is at the core of what we do. An effective Structural Integrity Management (SIM) program is critical to confirm the integrity of an asset during design and construction and then maintaining that asset throughout its useful life.

As a leader in the application of advanced technology, analysis and modeling of complex engineering projects, Vlog Group provides SIM services that will improve your operational efficiency, reduce risk, increase asset reliability and help you understand asset conditions to support operational and investment decision-making.

Vlog Group’s structural integrity management solutions provide industry and regulatory authorities with a means to ensure the ongoing safe operation of aging assets globally. 

Structural Integrity Services

Whether your facility is new or aging, we offer SIM services that support the asset lifecycle.

  • Aging asset life extension assessments
  • Development of In-Service Inspection or Risk-based Inspection (RBI) program
  • In-Service Inspection management and implementation support
  • Project management, staff augmentation, and owner’s representation
  • Certified Verification Agent (CVA) or Independent Verification Body (IVB) services
  • Advanced engineering assessments
  • Engineering Analysis of Decommissioning Assets: Towing, Structural, Heavy Lifting and Hazard Materials

Maintaining a Lifetime of Integrity

We recognize the criticality of your structural components. From continued production and the safety of personnel to maintaining protection of the local environment, unexpected failure could be catastrophic.

Structural integrity is a cost-effective solution to determine the fitness-for-purpose of a facility. A clear distinction between design and assessment engineering is recognized in the SIM process, enabling engineers to make strategic, data-driven decisions that will reduce and mitigate risk.

Integrity is not just a case of good design; it requires ongoing maintenance for the life of a structure, including inspection and maintenance at periodic intervals.

Your Experienced Partner in Compliance

Vlog Group serves as a Certified Verification Agent (CVA) and Independent Verification Body (IVB) for on and offshore oil and gas structures. Our vast experience and relationships enable us to be your partner in compliance with external legislation and internal policy for independent verification of integrity assurance of safety-critical systems and equipment.

We can tailor our compliance services to suit any phase of an asset’s life cycle - from green field or brown field project execution to operations and maintenance of assets ranging from offshore field platforms to onshore oil and gas process and petrochemical plants.

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