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Industrial Cybersecurity Managed Services

Industrial Cyber Security Managed Services

Operational Technology and Industrial Control Systems

Visibility and Control

Benefit from continuous monitoring and protection for your Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) with proactive support from a leading Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).

Organizations are facing increasing operational risks as cyber threat actors shift focus from the Information Technology (IT) networks that run business systems to the OT networks that control industrial operations. This can lead to significant operational disruption and increased safety risks to people and the environment. Most organizations do not know where to go to find the expertise required to develop and implement cybersecurity programs for ICS.

SWOT24 Cybersecurity Solutions

Knowing how to manage your organization's unique cyber risk requires expertise in industrial cybersecurity and in-depth knowledge of how your operational networks and systems work.

Integrated Cybersecurity Managed Services for Today’s Industry Needs

Seamless Support for Critical Infrastructure

To proactively prevent operational disruptions or unplanned downtimes that could cause an economic impact to your organization, Vlog Group, an MSSP, has designed a comprehensive, single solution to manage OT cybersecurity risks, including network monitoring and management for operational technologies, networking devices and your critical ICS.

A vendor agnostic approach allows us to support all original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and control systems. Our industrial cybersecurity and risk management experts take the raw data from your systems, equipment and devices, combine it with a variety of cyber intelligence sources and turn it into relevant and actionable guidance.

These cutting-edge services, led by our team of OT and industrial cyber experts, provide an integrated, cost-effective solution, reducing the operating expenses (OPEX) associated with an in-house implementation, involving investment in technology and experienced personnel.

Complete Managed Cybersecurity Services

Powerful Tools Combined for Critical Protection

Good cybersecurity hygiene leads to preventative action. While most organizations don’t realize that they have been hacked until it’s too late, our cybersecurity managed services provide vigilant protection. Individually, the tools we provide as part of our cybersecurity managed services are powerful, protecting critical aspects of OT operations. When they are combined, they seamlessly create a complete picture to help you deter, prevent, detect and respond to attacks.


Industrial Security Operations Center

Industrial Security Operations Center (ISOC)

We oversee all activity 24/7/365 from our centralized ISOC with no interference to your operations. Once we install our passive monitoring equipment into your operational network, you’ll receive company-wide (or fleet-wide) coverage for your IT, OT and ICS networks and devices. Then our cyber experts take the raw data from your systems, combine it with a variety of cyber intelligence sources and turn it into active monitoring and actionable guidance.

Services for remote and onsite OT systems are available for the Marine and Offshore, Oil, Gas and Chemical, Industrial Manufacturing and Power and Energy markets.

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Cyber Security Network Monitoring and Alerts

Network Monitoring and Alerts

OT used in different industries is highly specialized and has network connections that are vulnerable to attacks. Without cybersecurity managed services, OT networks, designed to monitor the health of networks, systems and equipment, are completely exposed to threat actors both over the Internet and out in the field. Once compromised, threats can easily spread, entrench deeply and exploit your operations undetected.

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Cyber Security Asset Discovery and Management

Asset Discovery and Management

When it comes to the world of OT cybersecurity, organizations need to be able to answer these questions:

  • What are your cyber assets?
  • Do you have a list of all the things in your OT environment the cyber criminals can take control over?

Your operations team can do a lot more if they know what vulnerabilities are crawling around in your systems, which could lead to OT cyber threats.

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Cyber Security Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management

ICSs are designed to run continuously and non-stop for extended periods of time without getting patches. Maintenance cycles are dedicated to ensuring the machinery components are repaired during a short window. OEMs and vendors are increasingly adding new industrial security technologies for maintenance and diagnostics to limit downtime. However, organizations don’t have visibility into these OT cybersecurity upgrades and the new vulnerabilities they bring.

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Cyber Security Configuration Monitoring and Management

Configuration Monitoring and Management

Management of Change (MOC) processes are not very effective due to the burden of manually logging every modification or maintenance change during routine operations. In many cases, organizations don’t have visibility into what their vendors are doing to their OT systems and devices. They are also not aware when the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) program changes, or when firmware, software or hardware updates occur in their industrial systems.

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Cyber Security Policy Management

Policy Management

It’s a common practice that the setup of an ICS is completed by OEMs and vendors when installing systems, devices and components—sometimes without a clear understanding of your organization’s cybersecurity program.

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Cyber Security Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and reporting for industrial cybersecurity are crucial to providing context and guidance as you monitor your business. However, making the determination about what metrics matter and how they should be used to protect your operations can be difficult. The data can be overwhelming or lacking clarity leaving your team without the context to navigate the next steps for appropriate cyber risk management.

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Our Ecosystem of Partners

Our ecosystem of industry-wide partners provides our customers with an extensive outlet for their niche cybersecurity needs and challenges. This combined with our agnostic approach allows us to integrate products and services into comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that allow our clients to take control of not only their OT risk but their IT risk via our trusted team of cybersecurity experts.

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