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Industrial Security Operations Center (ISOC)

Industrial Security Operations Center (ISOC)

Almost 50% of industrial organizations do not have an internal team dedicated to managing their operational technology (OT) and industrial control system (ICS)—and cyber attackers know it. In fact, they are counting on it.

OT environments are vulnerable, and bad actors are continuously finding new ways to exploit these vulnerabilities with the goal of disrupting operations. According to the 2022 SANS Survey – Threat-Informed Operational Technology Defense: Securing Data vs. Enabling Physics, 65% of organizations have limited visibility in their control systems. Is your organization protected?

OT-Specific Expertise

From our ISOC, we monitor your activities with no interference to your operations. Our unrivaled experience in the OT landscape, paired with world-class monitoring and an agnostic approach, let us integrate the best technology, tools and tailored resources for your specific needs.

Based on our deep expertise in OT environments across high-hazard industrial spaces, our team turns raw data into actionable insights to protect your OT systems and networks.

We integrate that data with a variety of cyber intelligence sources to expand our monitoring capabilities, incorporating not only internal but external cyber trends. This multi-source methodology puts our ISOC in an advantageous position, bringing our customers comprehensive insights and industry trends to proactively respond to emerging OT cyber threats.

24/7 Cybersecurity Monitoring Services

Our Industrial Security Operations Center (ISOC) provides world-class cybersecurity managed services with 24/7/365 availability. We monitor your assets, around the clock, to reduce and mitigate the likelihood of a cyber attack on your operations. With a specialized focus on OT, our ISOC functions as a full-service Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).

Around-the-Clock Protection

Cyber hackers are increasing attacks on critical infrastructure with the goal of disrupting, delaying or destroying critical operations. The devastating effects of cyber incidents on your operations can cause irrefutable damage to your operations, staff and the environment, impacting your reputation and bottom line.

The Vlog Group OT Cybersecurity team works to stop these breaches at the frontlines. Our ISOC team utilizes incident detection to alert our clients of suspicious activity in real-time, proactively checking for vulnerabilities and threats and prioritizing responses. But we don’t stop there. Our alerts provide actionable insights that give your organization continuous visibility against future threats.

Customized Solutions for Unique Challenges

We approach our solutions based on our client’s specific business objectives and operating environment. By customizing a solution, our experts can accurately analyze and monitor vulnerabilities within your unique OT system and escalate any threats that require immediate attention.

  1. Implementation
    Our ICS-experienced team will design and manage installation tailored to your specific operating environment.
  2. Continuous Tuning
    We leverage our OT expertise and network to augment our ability to hyper-tune our alerting and find “the sound in the noise” – to pinpoint threats with accuracy and respond on a prioritized basis.
  3. Triage and Prioritization
    We provide fast identification and prioritization of alerts and the recognition of hard-to-identify events.
  4. Incident Management and Resolution
    We will use our resources, networks and expertise to support incidents until they are fully remediated.
  5. Security Posture Improvement
    Our ISOC capabilities cover all areas of your ICS and OT systems, providing the ultimate protection of your assets.

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