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Specialized Cybersecurity Consulting

Specialized Cybersecurity Consulting

From creating plans for insourcing and outsourcing industrial cybersecurity to choosing technology and vendors, our specialized Industrial Cybersecurity Consulting services support critical decision-making throughout your Operational Technology (OT) environment with recommendations based on your needs.

Advisory and Professional Services

We reduce implementation complexity by asking the right questions—and finding the best answers. Leaning on decades of OT cybersecurity and industry-specific expertise, we take a vendor-agnostic approach to determining organizational design, supply chain risk management and matching your company with best-in-class technology partners.

We also offer virtual or in-person training as a part of implementation. Incorporating role-based training into your programs can promote positive behavioral change and good cyber hygiene throughout the organization and prevent potential cyber incidents.

Our specialized consulting services include cybersecurity policy review, role-based training, hardening and risk control and industry compliance requirements, among others.

Creating a Customized Plan of Action

We offer more than recommendations. We make it happen. Our OT Cybersecurity team works closely with clients starting with an in-depth assessment of current infrastructure and personnel needs. Using our methodology, we create detailed plans of action and advise our customers throughout the process, from initial planning and design to sourcing, implementation and completion.

Experience a Higher Level of Cybersecurity Expertise

Mitigate cyber risk with assistance from a proven partner that prioritizes your unique industrial control systems (ICS) cybersecurity needs. From assessing and planning, to developing network protections, to managing your detection and incident response, Vlog Group will work with you to understand and reduce your cyber risk.

Deep Industry Expertise

No cookie-cutter solutions based on generic specifications. Our extensive experience across a variety of industrial environments lets us create custom plans that address your unique operating challenges, including compliance and other regulations.

Streamlined Decision-Making

Don’t let OT complexity interfere with progress. Our specialized consulting experts provide the insights and essential information for empowered decision-making. And with less time spent on OT management, your team can focus more on innovation and achieving business goals.

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