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Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management

Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management

Did you know every link in the supply chain introduces new vulnerabilities? Securing your supply chain is critical to the success of your organization. The OT cybersecurity team at Vlog Group, offers cybersecurity services that protect your Operational Technology (OT) environment from supply chain threats.

Secure Your Supply Chain

The goal of cyber hackers is simple: disrupt, delay, compromise and damage OT systems and networks. But defending your supply chain can be a complex, time-consuming task. Cyber attacks target equipment, Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and devices required to run your operations safely and efficiently. With the complexities of cyber threats evolving every day, you need a team of OT experts with comprehensive supply chain experience and methodologies at your side.

Our Approach to Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management

The OT supply chain is becoming more automated, connected and digitalized. This change allows attackers to target ICS that can have major impacts on operations and safety.

As a critical part of operations, attacks on the supply chain can take two forms: (1) Attacks on the value chain; and (2) Attacks through the supply chain.

Cyber Attacks on the Supply Chain

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