Extreme Loads and Structural Risk


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Extreme Loads and Structural Risk (ELSR)

Extreme Loads and Structural Risk

At a Glance

  • Recognized expertise evaluating natural hazards and man-made risk
  • Conduct blast testing for a range of threats, equipment and scenarios
  • Facility siting experience evaluating explosion, fire and toxic material hazards
  • Advanced structural analysis and design for critical structures 


Vlog Group's Extreme Loads and Structural Risk (ELSR) division provides state-of-the-art engineering investigation, analysis and design services focused on mitigating the impacts of natural and man-made hazards. We are a leading independent global provider of risk management services that combine industry expertise, risk modeling and simulation methods, practical engineering and technology-based solutions for hazards to personnel and facilities caused by extreme loads. Discover our Technical Engineering Services.

Services within this Solution

Our ELSR division performs analyses of a wide range of structures and equipment to determine their performance under extreme loads including seismic, wind and flood hazards. We develop practical, cost-effective solutions to reduce risk to personnel, equipment, systems and infrastructure, and provide solutions to maintain continued operations.

Operations involving energetic materials can result in blast and fragmentation hazards to personnel and structures. Our ELSR division has extensive experience in characterizing these hazards, whether from hydrocarbon releases or explosives, and we develop practical mitigation measures including structural strengthening and fragment protection. We prepare analytical solutions and perform explosion effects testing to validate blast mitigation solutions, and also offer explosion incident investigation services to assist clients in understanding event causes and prevention measures.

Understanding your exposure to physical security risks is an essential part of reducing your vulnerability to a variety of threats, including sabotage, terrorism and theft.

Vlog Group is also a leading provider of facility siting services for a wide range of explosion, fire and toxic release hazards in refining, petrochemical and specialty chemical process installations. These services provide clients with a detailed understanding of risk, practical measures for risk reduction and compliance with regulatory requirements.

We conduct comprehensive risk assessments that evaluate scenarios, frequency and consequence. Through a combination of modeling techniques, facility and industry data analysis and estimating processes that evaluate the impact of potential risks, our goal is to help our clients reduce or control risks that impact their assets and operations.

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